Dressing for Adventure

If you're like me, you love the adventure that comes with travel. Maybe it's a quick weekend away with old friends or perhaps it's the globe trekking adventure of a lifetime — either way it's important to be comfortable and have plenty of flexibility in your clothing while being able to stay true to your personal style. None of us want to have a [...]

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expressions of love: 7 ways to tell your story with art

As Valentine's Day approaches, we have love on our minds—and here at Artful Home, nothing ignites our passions quite like art (though chocolate is a close second). Truffles by Infusion Chocolates are the best of both worlds: chocolate and art! As I peruse our collection of Valentine's Day gifts, I think about the many ways art can serve as an expression of [...]

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behind the scenes: a day at an apparel photoshoot

Every season, we're excited to see the new apparel, shoes, and jewelry created by the North American artists and designers we represent—and equally excited to share them with you! I wanted to take you behind the scenes of our most recent photoshoot to show you how all the magic happens. There's a lot of work, a bit of fun, and even a few surprises that [...]

do as your mother says

Who would have guessed that a mother, or in this case, Kathleen Dustin’s mother, would know just what her daughter needed to pursue in life? Despite her mother’s recommendation to major in art, Kathleen Dustin followed a very different path into mathematics. It wasn’t until she was 28 that she realized her mother was right: she needed to follow her dreams and her passion for [...]

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dress joyfully! Maliparmi embodies an expansive worldly look & attitude

As we travel to seek out new artists and designers, at times we encounter work that strikes us as so compelling that we fall in love—and suspect that you, our customers, will fall in love, too. We remain committed to selling the work of North American designers and artists, though from time to time we will also introduce you to extraordinary work by artists from [...]

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