30 years of celebrating and supporting art and fine craft in america

In 1985, our company was formed with one specific mission: to help artists and fine craftspeople across America to sell and show their work to a national audience. At a time when there were few venues in which artists could show their work outside of regional art shows, this concept was revolutionary. Originally started as a publisher producing Guild Sourcebooks, the company has evolved over 30 years to become Artful Home, the greatest online gallery and catalog of work by North American professional artists, craftspeople, and artisan designers.

Today, Artful Home represents over 1,200 artists with more than 18,000 works listed on the site. All artists have been juried and vetted, with the eminent Michael Monroe leading our panel of jurors. While the world of art and craft has grown and changed, and a newfound respect for craft and handmade is taking hold in our culture, Artful Home continues to bridge the gap between artists who were part of the 1970’s craft movement and young artists who are taking an approach born of a millennial mindset.

What is remarkable to me is that the world of art and craft has continued to expand and invent, so 3-D printing and computer-manipulated images sit comfortably side by side with hand-forged metals and glass blown using techniques which are 1,000 years old.

Cage Bangle (3-D printed bracelet) by Maria Eife and Color Field Vase (30th Anniversary blown glass piece) by Wes Hunting

Cage Bangle (3-D printed bracelet) by Maria Eife and Color Field Vase (30th Anniversary blown glass piece) by Wes Hunting

To mark the occasion of our 30th anniversary, Artful Home asked several artists to create exclusive pieces which represented their work yet explored new artistic territory. Many artists used this opportunity to develop ideas not yet realized, and we could not be more thrilled with the results.

Please join us as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Check back over the next few months to get to know the artists, find out the inspiration behind the artwork, and dig deeper into Artful Home’s unique story. You’ll find the next 30th Anniversary story on August 10th.

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