Summer is the perfect time of year to liven up your wardrobe with fun, eye-catching jewelry. Whether you’re on the beach or on the golf course, the right accessories can make you look and feel great. I’ve gathered five of the hottest trends for summer jewelry — with the bonus of being created by artists, these pieces offer a unique, handcrafted touch and are sure to bring the right amount of edge to your look this summer.


During the hottest times of the year, you don’t want to wear anything too heavy or constricting. A wooden piece can be the perfect answer. Wooden jewelry is lightweight and can still make a big statement.


Fresh, modern, and edgy. Jewelry with geometric inspiration brings some serious flair to your wardrobe. Even the simplest outfit can be brought up a notch with a piece from this selection into a chic ensemble.


Summer is all about being bright and bold. Choosing colors full of sunshine can infuse your look with energy and fun.


For a bit more personality, look to some asymmetrical earrings. Full of originality, these are sure to be conversation starters. If you’re looking to make an impression, these earrings are a subtle way to get a few double-takes.


Hitting the beach? Or the golf course? Maybe you’re just sitting at an outdoor bistro in the sun — either way, you don’t want to ruin an intricate, delicate piece of jewelry with your summer activities. These summer pieces can go anywhere and keep you carefree.