It’s the most wonderful time of the year—ornament season! Every year, we look forward to exploring this collection of holiday masterpieces, replete with everything from fanciful figures to kaleidoscopic icicles and globes.

This season, we’re delighted by all of the fresh, intriguing ways artists have interpreted classic themes, infusing them with creative spirit and dazzling new designs and color combinations. Here are a few of our favorite themes this year.

under the sea

The ocean is brimming with inspiration, whether it’s the graceful beauty of sea creatures or the colors of the water and sky. These aquatic ornaments are a perfect way to bring the wonders of the deep to your tree.

Shown (clockwise): Aquapus by Jennifer Caldwell; Beluga by Paul Labrie; 20,000 Leagues by Bryan Randa; Humpback Whale by Paul Labrie; Butterfly Fish by Milon Townsend; Beyond the Sea by Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Tim Underwood; Siren by Andre Nigoghossian

enchanted gardens

Artists also find inspiration in nature’s flora and fauna, rendering all manner of garden visitors in intricate detail—not to mention vibrant globes and drops rich with the eye-catching colors of blossoms.

Shown (clockwise): Winged Wonder by Andre Nigoghossian; Good Day Sunshine by Angelo Fico; Bumblebee by Kevin McKay, Maki Kawakubo, and Kirsten Loewen; Aruba by Gina Lunn; Garden Jewel by Loy Allen; Honey, Honey by Sage Churchill-Foster; Tuxedo Twist by James F. Byrnes

winter wonderland

Deck the halls with ornaments that exude holiday spirit, offering festive cheer and a creative take on the classic colors of the season.

Shown (left to right): Holiday Icicle Set by Konrad Hunter; Candy Stripe by Jacob Pfeifer; Christmas Carol by Jansi Glass; Comfort and Joy by Angelo Fico; North Star by Mariel Waddell and Alexi Hunter; The Odd Couple by James and Andrea Stanford; Aurora by Marc VandenBerg; Jingle All the Way by Jason Probstein

celestial treasures

Blue, a beloved hue any time of year, is especially splendid as a non-traditional holiday color. Set an enchanting mood with these celestial ornaments in shades of cobalt, cerulean, and turquoise.

Shown (left to right): To the Moon by Michael Trimpol and Monique LaJeunesse; Blue Moon by Paul Labrie; Blue Hawaii by R. Jason Howard; Ghost Dragon by Milon Townsend; Moonshadow by Tim Sheldon; Swan Lake by Steve Scherer; Earthly Orbit by Tom Stoenner; Wellspring by Thomas Kelly

oh what fun

Add a playful twist to your celebrations with unexpectedly whimsical ornaments, from lighthearted reminders of childhood pastimes to fanciful flying wonders.

Shown (clockwise): Christmas Kite by Kimberly Rich; Flight o’ Fancy by Bandhu Scott Dunham; Artist’s Palette by Marc VandenBerg; Twinkle! by Suz Mole; Bubbles! by Sage Churchill-Foster; Daredevil by Suzanne Weatherman; The Red Baron by Bryan Randa

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