In today’s world of cellphones and high-tech gadgets, we are inundated with ways to check the time. There are digital clocks on our microwaves and car dashboards, alarms on our smartphones, and sophisticated watches that sync with our computers.

With all of this time-telling technology, who needs an old-fashioned clock with hands and a pendulum?

Judging by the success of our clock artists, we’d say that plenty of art lovers still do!

Though it may no longer be necessary to keep a clock on your wall or desk, featuring clocks in your decor is just as appealing as ever. And there’s more to it than simply being able to tell the time: an artist-made clock is the perfect combination of beauty and function, adding warmth, color, and texture to your space.

If you’re looking for a clock (or two!) to enliven your home, explore this selection of artist-made timepieces in a variety of styles and materials. From modern clocks in kilnworked glass to romantic clocks in clay, find pieces that are perfect for your home—and be sure to shop our full collection of unique clocks to discover even more!

Modern Clocks
These timepieces are replete with playful, Midcentury-inspired patterns and sleek geometry.

Wavy Wallpaper Clock by Nina Cambron, Retro Go Go Elliptical Clocks by Nina Cambron, Fractal Wall Clock by John Nalevanko

Contemporary Clocks
These pared-down designs exude simple elegance that complements a minimalist aesthetic.

Windstream Clock by Ken and Julie Girardini, Black and Steel 24 Oval Pendulum Clock by Leonie Lacouette, Forward in Time by Brian Hubel

Southwestern Clocks
Infuse your decor with rich, earthy hues drawn from the beauty of the desert landscape.

Lena Pendulum Clock by Leonie Lacouette, Ravens Ceramic Wall Clock by Beth Sherman, Mondrian Redux by Robert Rickard

Coastal Clocks
Create a beachy look with clocks in the mesmerizing colors of the ocean…including a distinctive tide clock!

Teal Ocean Blend Pendulum Clock by Linda Lamore, Tide Clock by Gregg Mesmer and Diane Bonciolini, Aegean Sea by Nina Cambron

Craftsman-Style Clocks
Harken back to the Arts-and-Crafts era with the warmth of wood and a rich combination of geometric and organic shapes.

Falling Leaves Wall Clock by Peter F. Dellert, Elegance Reserve Mantel Clock by Desmond Suarez, Walnut River Triangle Wall Clock by Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant

Romantic Clocks
Fall in love with richly detailed timepieces that celebrate those we hold dear.

Blue Waltz by Pascale Judet, Family Gathering by Lilia Venier,  Love Pendulum Clock by Leonie Lacouette

Asian-Inspired Clocks
These harmonious designs draw inspiration from the diverse artistic traditions of Eastern Asia.

Asian Wall Clock by Ken and Junie Girardini, Red Bamboo Pendulum Clock by Nina Cambron, Kyoto Square Wall Clock by Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant

Eclectic Clocks
With unexpected combinations of materials and imagery, these clocks march (er, tick) to a beat all their own.

Wanda Pendulum Clock by Leonie Lacouette, Aqua Bird Clock by Janne Ugone and Justin Thomas, Working Overtime by Mary Ann Owen and Malcolm Owen, Techno Hand Clock by Thomas Mann

Love these clocks? Shop our entire clock collection to discover even more distinctive timepieces created by North America’s finest artists!