When it comes to art glass, sometimes three heads are better than one.

Justin Tarducci, Michael Richardson, and Timothy Underwood -- the Anchor Bend Glassworks team.

Justin Tarducci, Michael Richardson, and Timothy Underwood — the Anchor Bend Glassworks team.

Childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood met while exploring their shared passion for art, glass, and creation. Their unprecedented collaboration combines the unique talents of all three artists, which encourage and complement each other.

Anchor Bend Glassworks

Anchor Bend Glassworks, at work in the studio

The Anchor Bend Glassworks studio, founded in 2003, is prominent in the Newport, Rhode Island arts scene and gives back to the community whenever possible. The team often pulls from its coastal surroundings for inspiration — nautical themes featuring sailboats, waves, and anchors are skillfully rendered in glass.

The three-man crew had this to say:

“Although inspiration can be drawn from many aspects of life, living and working in ‘The Ocean State’ is one of our biggest inspirations when blowing glass. Even our company name, Anchor Bend, and logo have a nautical theme. ‘Anchor Bend’ is a type of knot used to attach a rope to an end point. For us though, it represents how our roots are anchored here in Rhode Island.”

The ocean isn’t the only subject of Anchor Bend Glassworks‘ work. You’ll find exquisite vases and votives as well as fun, whimsical glassware. With three minds and sets of hands at work, the art created is varied in its forms but still maintains the same craftsmanship.



Although they refused to name their favorite piece, stating it’d be like naming a favorite child, some of our favorites this time of year are the delightful, elegant glass Tree Sculptures. Alone or grouped together, they are a tasteful way to decorate for the holidays or even an evergreen addition to your home decor.

No matter the season or inspiration, we love to see the creations that stem from the minds of three extraordinary glass artists.