There are a few artists on the Artful Home site whose work consistently elicits a single word response of: “WOW.”  David Patchen is in that elite group — his art glass sculptures and vessels are absolutely exquisite. The amount of detail expressed in his work is incredible. He uses intricate patterns of cane and murrini in stunning colors shaped into beautiful, impressive forms.

Mixed Murrini Resistenza

I love the way that light plays off of and is diffused by the different stripes, windows, and colors in his works. The shapes and colors created draw your eye across the entire glass form. They’re large, and yet somehow delicate; while heavy and substantial, the details make the pieces incredibly intricate. Patchen explores how light moves and bends, using opacity and transparency in contrast. Each piece is a unique combination of colors and shapes in glass that provide interest and attract you to look more closely.

Mixed Murrini Resistenza

Patchen’s love of molten glass began after viewing a demonstration in a local studio. Giving up his job in marketing, he devoted himself to his creative passion. Early in his career, he traveled to Italy to study under glass master Afro Celotto, and was able to use the education to refine and improve his techniques.

Image courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Image courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Each of Patchen’s works are composed as if he is writing a symphony — tiny pieces of glass come together like notes in harmony, working with and against each other to create the final, beautiful form.

Murrini works are created when he composes highly-patterned glass tiles, carefully places them into a mosaic, and then fuses them together into a glass bubble before blowing the final sculptural shape.

David Patchen

Other pieces are created using the canework technique. Patchen meticulously arranges and fuses colored glass rods, shaping them into a final form, and then encases them in thick, clear glass to add depth, weight, and stability.

Red and Amber Foglio

There is something so appealing, so mesmerizing about David’s work. Each new piece is more stunning than the last. The beautiful forms draw you in, begging you to look closer. The kaleidoscope of cellular shapes and colors evoke the feelings of an ocean reef, dancing ribbons, or swirling skies — they hypnotize and make it difficult to look away.

Video courtesy of Olivari Olive Oil
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