Mieko Mintz

Born in southern Japan, Mieko Mintz uses handcrafted textiles from around the world to make contemporary pieces. Her signature line includes jackets made from vintage sari kantha, each with its own variety of colors and its own story.

What influences you in your art?

I want to be different from everyone else, and that inspires me to create.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Jaipur, Paris, and Kyoto.

What does the kantha tradition mean to you?

To me, kantha is a romantic idea — old fabric being reincarnated into a new world and giving pleasure to a new person far beyond its time.

Mintz’s work follows in the kantha tradition. First her designs are made into kantha throws in West Bengal, which she then cuts to fit her jacket designs. Her focus is a kantha line that is not only comfortable but contemporary and sophisticated.

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