When considering a perfect business partner, the term “in-law” might be one of the last phrases to enter into our heads. Indeed, the team of Susan Kinzig and Caryn Kinzig, sisters-in-law, is a special one.

Beyond familial ties, the Kinzigs share a deep friendship that allows them to collaborate to create an absolutely stunning line of artistic lighting designs. Whether because of or despite living on opposite coasts — Susan lives in California, Caryn in Pennsylvania — the two have created an effective partnership owing to their mutual perfectionism and commitment to the development of their unique and beautiful lamps.


The Kinzigs divide the work evenly and each handle different aspects of the lamps’ construction — they develop ideas independently, then work together to bring their creations to life. Caryn searches for unique, richly colored, ornate fabrics to inspire ideas for shades. Susan solders mini versions of new shade shapes in her jewelry studio, which Caryn then has scaled to size. Susan provides design specs to one of the glass blowers the team works with to create the perfectly balanced base for the new shade. Together, Caryn and Susan consider every detail and a new lamp design can take a year to come from first ideas to final product.

Susan and Caryn joined forces in 2003 — Susan was already known for her jewelry line and Caryn made the decision to leave the corporate world to pursue her creative passions. Caryn remembers:

“At the time, only a handful of other artists were making lamps, and most were focused on either the base or the shade, but not both. We felt that we could bring something truly distinctive to the craft.”

With Susan’s design talent, mechanical sense, and metalworking skills alongside Caryn’s eye for design and business skills, Kinzig Design Home lamps are striking, delightful, and treasured heirlooms.

“Every lamp has its own unique style and personality. Our lamps have sensuous curves. Some are boldly feminine,” says Caryn.

Staci and Beth, image courtesy of Kinzig Design Home

Staci and Beth, image courtesy of Kinzig Design Home

Kinzig lamps are certainly distinctive. Recently an Artful Home employee was thrilled to share her experience: on an evening walk through her neighborhood, her eye was drawn to the front window of a home. The sun was setting and streetlights were turning on, but the warm glow from this house was special — a lamp was showcased in the home’s interior, inviting passersby to view its exquisite form. The unique shape and incredible beauty was immediately recognizable to her — the radiance of the glass, the attention-getting shade — she knew it was a Kinzig. She was captivated, and impressed at how incredible the lamp looked in the home, even viewed from the street outside. It was clearly a treasured piece of art to these homeowners, worthy of the spotlight.

Image courtesy of Kinzig Design Home

Image courtesy of Kinzig Design Home

“We believe the lamps are beautiful, artistic, and can be incorporated into a range of home styles.”

We absolutely agree.

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