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As Artful Home’s Vice President of Finance and Operations, Bill Lathrop wears many hats, from accounting to warehousing. He started his career in public accounting with a large, Midwestern CPA firm and later worked as controller and general manager for a natural foods distributor. In 2001, he took a sabbatical to become a working artist, and his landscape paintings have been carried by galleries in Miami, Minneapolis, and Door County, Wisconsin.

painting the landscape

What is it about the landscape that fascinates painters so? While the landscape is not a uniquely American tradition, it has played a special role in American art. America’s geographical wonders have always provided artists with a bountiful variety of subjects from the East Coast to the West. For example, in the mid-19th century, the painters of the Hudson River School captured the magical [...]

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brian rutenberg

Brian Rutenberg is one of my favorite contemporary painters. I discovered Brian’s work at Art Chicago in the early 2000s; his paintings, large abstract landscapes, are boldly colorful with wonderful gradations within larger fields of color. There is a representative collection of his work on Pinterest. My favorite experience with his paintings was at Jerald Meldberg Gallery in Charlotte. While on a trip in the south, I [...]

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