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Casey Umhoefer is Artful Home’s Content and Social Media Manager. She enjoys singing, ballet, reading, and spending time outside with her husband and three young sons. After working for many years in the companion animal and natural parenting industries, Casey is thrilled to immerse herself in the world of the finest North American art and apparel.

artist spotlight: anchor bend glassworks

When it comes to art glass, sometimes three heads are better than one. Justin Tarducci, Michael Richardson, and Timothy Underwood -- the Anchor Bend Glassworks team. Childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood met while exploring their shared passion for art, glass, and creation. Their unprecedented collaboration combines the unique talents of all three artists, which encourage and complement each [...]

artist spotlight: cathy broski

Steeped in archetypal and personal symbolism, the work of ceramic artist Cathy Broski resonates for many reasons. Figures, houses, boats, and other forms are chosen because of their levels of meaning. Some are jubilant and playful, others introspective, while still more speak of journeys and growth. That Broski manages to evoke such intensely personal emotions from her minimalistic forms is evidence of her skill as [...]

time-honored ornaments

Most of us have warm memories that stem from the holiday season. Many of them may include the annual tradition of trimming a tree with garland, lights, and ornaments. Perhaps, as a child, you had a special ornament that you looked forward to putting up each year, or maybe you received an ornament from a loved one that you remember opening as a gift. [...]

enchanting art glass pumpkins

Autumn is represented by many different things: shorter days, cooler temperatures, knit sweaters and scarves, and warm comfort food. It seems, however, that there is a common thread to the season: pumpkin. From the incredible recent phenomena of pumpkin spice everything to time-honored traditions of jack o'lanterns and stories of headless horsemen and Great Pumpkins, these orange squash are found commonly in all things fall. [...]

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artist spotlight: ashley buchanan

An artist's particular, unique style can be influenced by any number of things. Their environment, personal life, hobbies, and memories can all play a part. Jewelry artist Ashley Buchanan draws on the images, patterns, and decoration of historical jewelry. By repeating this iconic imagery, she is able to create work that feels new and yet familiar, referencing the history of jewelry with a fresh, clean aesthetic. [...]

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