About Lisa

Lisa Bayne’s life and career have always been a mix of art and commerce. With a love for all things textile, she started her career as a fashion designer. After holding executive positions at several great retail companies, she figured out that she really wanted to marry her passion for art with her professional marketing skills. In 2007, she joined the board of directors of Artful Home and was named CEO in 2008. In addition to her work, she is a serial knitter, a serious foodie, and an incurable collector.

lisa bayne collection

When we launched apparel at Artful Home, we had one clear idea:  to offer distinctive clothing by small-batch American designers whose artful style meshed with ours.  We suspected that there were women [...]

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Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Although our approach in the world of fashion is not one of trend-following, we find it interesting when we see that several of the designers with whom we work are thinking about [...]

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a toast to creativity

As we turn the calendar to 2016, I think it is a wonderful time to celebrate creativity in all its forms. Creativity is a vital part of being human, something that can [...]

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