About Lisa

Lisa Bayne’s life and career have always been a mix of art and commerce. With a love for all things textile, she started her career as a fashion designer. After holding executive positions at several great retail companies, she figured out that she really wanted to marry her passion for art with her professional marketing skills. In 2007, she joined the board of directors of Artful Home and was named CEO in 2008. In addition to her work, she is a serial knitter, a serious foodie, and an incurable collector.

cohn-stone studios

We learned recently that Molly Stone and Michael Cohn of Cohn-Stone Studios will no longer be creating their magical glass pumpkins. For over ten years, we have worked with Molly and Michael to create annual collections of these masterful pieces for Artful Home. Heirloom Pumpkins by Michael Cohn and Molly Stone I am sure I will find something else to do in [...]

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extraordinarily uncommon

At the heart of our clothing collections is the belief that there have to be designers out there who are creating styles for women marching to their own beat, clothing for women who care about style but are not driven by the whims of fashion. When we find a piece which hits the mark, it’s kind of like Cupid’s arrow striking. Shortly after the [...]

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rooted in the midwest

I admit: I am a bi-coastal snob, who until just a few years ago had little direct connection to the vital community of artists working throughout the Midwest. Like many of my fellow “coasties” (a Midwest term I have learned here in Madison, WI) I knew of the Midwest more as a place of airport connections than artist colonies. Through my association with Artful [...]

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celebrating our neighbors to the north

As a US based company it’s easy for us to talk about art glass in California, or the energy of fine craft in North Carolina. But with such a long history of free interchange of commerce and ideas between us, it would be a huge disservice to our northern neighbors not to talk about their rich influence on North American art. This is especially [...]

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the draw of the southwest

I was fortunate enough to travel to New Mexico this past Christmas, a place which is always a draw to me because of its mix of centuries of tradition in the arts and its reputation as a contemporary artists' Mecca. The natural clay deposits in the arid Southwest have allowed indigenous peoples to make pottery here for centuries, and the practice continues throughout New [...]