About Lisa

Lisa Bayne’s life and career have always been a mix of art and commerce. With a love for all things textile, she started her career as a fashion designer. After holding executive positions at several great retail companies, she figured out that she really wanted to marry her passion for art with her professional marketing skills. In 2007, she joined the board of directors of Artful Home and was named CEO in 2008. In addition to her work, she is a serial knitter, a serious foodie, and an incurable collector.

(not so) traditional craft in the southeast

I have learned in my research about art and craft across America that there is often a single seminal influence, a school or a movement, an indigenous culture or industry, that profoundly affects the growth of a creative community. Surely, in the Southeast United States, there are several major – yet disparate – influences, from the textile industry to the Penland School of Craft, [...]

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new england jewelers

When beginning to find out more about this region, I was struck by the number of jewelry artists in New England, and went digging around to find out if there was a concrete reason or relationship. Indeed, there is! The Gorham company, dating back to 1831, established a tradition of silversmithing and fine craftsmanship in Rhode lsland. When Gorham closed the company, they made [...]

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colorado studio visits

Without a doubt, one of the great joys of my work is meeting artists in their studios. The combination of actually getting to know an individual artist, seeing more of their work (including work in progress), and seeing them in their own environment allows me to develop a deeper understanding of them and their work and often see the work in a new light. [...]

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art in my hometown

In learning about art all across America, I have had the most wonderful conversations with Artful Home artists. The influences on their work are widespread, from nature to nurture, culture to isolation. I begin the journey in my own backyard, the San Francisco Bay Area. It is to this area that I first migrated in the early 70's, initially because of the openness to [...]

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