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Sarah Pozdell has been working with art and artists since 2004. As Artful Home’s Director of Marketing, she is passionate about discovering new, exciting works of art and helping others find pieces that they love. Sarah enjoys filling her home with beautiful artwork that speaks to her.

questioning what we see: tim harding

I’ve been with Artful Home for years – over a decade, which is a long part of our 30 year history. Tim Harding is one of the artists that has been with Artful Home for even longer, and is one of the artists that I - as a lover of fiber art - immediately gravitated toward. Harding, who lives in Minnesota, is a well-established fiber [...]

painting hunches: brian kershinik

When you've seen as much of the world as Brian Kershisnik has you don't tend to put yourself into a box or limit your inspiration. Kershisnik started his life in the central United States and by the time he had graduated college he had also spent time in Angola, Thailand, Pakistan, and Denmark. Even after seeing so much of the world, Kershisnik was unsure [...]

intersections: georgia and joseph pozycinski

Husband and wife. Glass and bronze. Marine biology and technology. These are just a few of the intersections in the world of artists Georgia and Joseph Pozycinski; intersections that magnificently come together to create masterful sculptures adorned with water birds, small mammals, and other creatures. I don't know if the Pozycinski's have actively chosen a path to bring antithetic concepts together into their work [...]

visiting with cynthia

Recently, Lisa, Barbara, and I had the opportunity to visit Cynthia Ashby in her studio near Chicago. Though we were sure it would be a great trip, we were not prepared for the incredible experience that awaited us on an otherwise normal Wednesday. We arrived at a city-block-sized building that had been a factory of some sort in a previous life. Cassy, who works [...]

why we love what we love

Each of us is drawn to a work of art for different reasons. Some feel the call of a discipline – glass, ceramics, metal. For others it a theme – modern, abstract, floral. For many it’s difficult to define what draws us to a piece. What is it about any piece that speaks to our soul? Because that is what art does – it [...]

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