About Sarah

Sarah Pozdell has been working with art and artists since 2004. As Artful Home’s Director of Marketing, she is passionate about discovering new, exciting works of art and helping others find pieces that they love. Sarah enjoys filling her home with beautiful artwork that speaks to her.

visiting with cynthia

Recently, Lisa, Barbara, and I had the opportunity to visit Cynthia Ashby in her studio near Chicago. Though we were sure it would be a great trip, we were not prepared for the incredible experience that awaited us on an otherwise normal Wednesday. We arrived at a city-block-sized building that had been a factory of some sort in a previous life. Cassy, who works [...]

why we love what we love

Each of us is drawn to a work of art for different reasons. Some feel the call of a discipline – glass, ceramics, metal. For others it a theme – modern, abstract, floral. For many it’s difficult to define what draws us to a piece. What is it about any piece that speaks to our soul? Because that is what art does – it [...]

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full house for the holidays

Nothing is more special during the holiday season than a house full of family and loved ones; having around you those people who mean the most to you and bring joy into your life. I look forward to this time of year and being able to entertain and welcome people into my home. Each year I plan some special event to celebrate the season. [...]

just seen in elle decor

Once again we find artists we work with prominently featured in a trend alert. This time it's the dynamic duo of David Forlano and Steven Ford on the pages of Elle Decor's October issue as part of the Vermicelli trend. I love seeing them as the only jewelry piece featured in this trend. You could take a lot of necklaces and lay them down [...]

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seen in denver life

Recently the editors of Denver Life magazine showcased decor pieces for those of us with cabin fever. I don't think I would ever get cabin fever if I was surrounded each day by these stunning pieces. There are three wonderful artists featured here. Nanda Soderberg with his Wine Bottle Bowl with Gold Leaf, Dolan Geiman with his Great Plains Collection (White Stag), and Brian Fireman [...]

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