Every season, we’re excited to see the new apparel, shoes, and jewelry created by the North American artists and designers we represent—and equally excited to share them with you!

I wanted to take you behind the scenes of our most recent photoshoot to show you how all the magic happens. There’s a lot of work, a bit of fun, and even a few surprises that go into the whole process.

8 AM
We arrive at the photo studio to unpack and prep all of the clothing for the photoshoot. After the two-hour journey to the studio, every piece needs to be hung, steamed, and organized. As we work, we finalize the day’s shots and backgrounds, and prepare all of the looks for each model.

8:45 AM  
While we’re busy prepping the clothing and jewelry, the models get their hair and make-up done. We work with many of the same models season after season, and we always enjoy the chance to catch up with them and share photos of our families and latest adventures.

9:15 AM
Everyone is dressed. We accessorize with artist-made jewelry as the finishing touch before the models step onto the set.

10 AM
We’re on set and ready for action. Our stylists—either someone from the Artful Home team or our hair-and-makeup guru—are ready to jump in and help us capture the perfect shot. From rolling pant hems and smoothing out pockets to making last minute swaps of shoes or jewelry, we want everything to look just right. Here Lisa adjusts the drape of the Cozy Wide Leg Pant to make sure it’s easy to see the fullness of the legs.

Some of the styling is done in unexpected ways. For example, to get that windswept look, a small leaf blower really does the trick!

11 AM
Our first shots are done, and it’s time for the models to change outfits. Each model has anywhere from 8–12 outfits per day. With each new outfit, we start out by having a member of our photography team hop in the frame with a color card. This helps us make sure the colors are accurate during editing. It also gives everyone a chance to add some levity to the day. Clearly, these three have a great sense of humor.

1:15 PM
We review our first batch of images with the photography team and choose our favorites. We also determine whether there is anything we need to tweak for the next round of photos—like the backdrops.

3 PM
Let’s switch up those backdrops! Sometimes, things don’t go quite as we expect, and we need to be prepared for anything. We were so excited to use a white brick wall, but our first shots in front of it were not up to our standards —you couldn’t see the brick texture. What did we do? We painted it! When you’re on a photoshoot, everyone pitches in to make it perfect – the photographer, the CEO, the model, and the hair and makeup stylist.

4:15 PM
There is a lot of hustle and bustle throughout the day, and everyone works together to keep on track. There is such an amazing feeling being on set, knowing that everyone has the same goal of creating beautiful images to showcase the designs.

5 PM
The models wrap up for the day. We get everything organized for the next day and head out for the evening. If we’re lucky, some great local vintage shops are still open for us to wander into. We’ll stop for dinner, relax, and get ready to go back tomorrow for more.

After a week at the photo studio, we’ll pack up everything and drive back home, where our team will start prepping the photos for the catalog and website—so they’re ready for you (about 2 months later)!

All of these pieces are now available—shop our entire winter apparel collection.