Whether you look for simple and elegant, something more colorful and whimsical, or over-the-top statement pieces, there is something for you to fall in love with.

Personally, I’m more on the minimalist side. Here are a few of my favorites:

I am a huge fan of natural shapes in jewelry; things with a floral or animal silhouette strike me. This Aeonium Pendant by Moira K. Lime is so beautiful and feminine.

Aeonium Pendant by Moira K. Lime

She also creates these stunning Long Stacked Leaf Studs. I feel like they’d be a perfect addition to a little black dress for the holidays, with a flowing line to frame the face without distracting from the overall look.

Long Stacked Leaf Studs by Moira K. Lime

I’ve been absolutely drooling over Nancy Linkin’s work since I first joined Artful Home. Her forms are inspired by nature — new growth of plants, flowers, and leaves. I think they’re positively enchanting.

I love these Wrap Rings by Peg Fetter. I currently have one, and I find the contrast of the oxidized steel and shiny gold so striking and dramatic. Worn alone or in multiples, it’s a fabulous piece that can dress up or down.

Wrap Ring by Peg Fetter

Dagmara Costello’s work has been on my wish list since the first time I saw it. I can’t decide which of her amazing rings I would choose!

Between You and Me by Dagmara Costello

I think Gustav Reyes‘ wood jewelry is incredible. His bracelets are so light and comfortable to wear but still create a bold look. They definitely turn heads and catch people’s attention, even though they feel effortless.

Signature Series Organic Coil by Gustav Reyes

Melanie Casey‘s dainty stacking rings appeal to me. I would absolutely love one with a birthstone for each of my children, although a gorgeous stack of coordinating colors and stones would be beautiful as well.

Stacking Rings by Melanie Casey

I imagine this Large Wave Necklace with Diamonds by Lori Gottlieb looking incredible over a cream-colored cashmere sweater. Because who doesn’t need more diamonds in her life?

Large Wave Necklace with Diamonds by Lori Gottlieb

The intricacy and detail of Julie Powell’s beadwork is masterful. Her Delphinium Cuff is a gorgeous garden to wear on your wrist.

Delphinium Cuff by Julie Powell


I am a huge fan of turquoise, and if I’m going to add a pop of color to my outfit I will most likely add a piece of turquoise jewelry. These earrings by Hannah Blount are such a cheerful color, and would be perfect for everyday wear.

Teardrop Turquoise Vanity Studs by Hannah Blount

Jewelry is such a lovely way to add a little sparkle, a little personality, a little something special to any outfit or occasion. It’s a way to let yourself shine and express your inner beauty. I’d love to know — which pieces of jewelry are on your wish list this season?