questioning what we see: tim harding

I’ve been with Artful Home for years – over a decade, which is a long part of our 30 year history. Tim Harding is one of the artists that has been with Artful Home for even longer, and is one of the artists that I - as a lover of fiber art - immediately gravitated toward. Harding, who lives in Minnesota, is a well-established fiber [...]

painting hunches: brian kershinik

When you've seen as much of the world as Brian Kershisnik has you don't tend to put yourself into a box or limit your inspiration. Kershisnik started his life in the central United States and by the time he had graduated college he had also spent time in Angola, Thailand, Pakistan, and Denmark. Even after seeing so much of the world, Kershisnik was unsure [...]

artist spotlight: cathy broski

Steeped in archetypal and personal symbolism, the work of ceramic artist Cathy Broski resonates for many reasons. Figures, houses, boats, and other forms are chosen because of their levels of meaning. Some are jubilant and playful, others introspective, while still more speak of journeys and growth. That Broski manages to evoke such intensely personal emotions from her minimalistic forms is evidence of her skill as [...]

intersections: georgia and joseph pozycinski

Husband and wife. Glass and bronze. Marine biology and technology. These are just a few of the intersections in the world of artists Georgia and Joseph Pozycinski; intersections that magnificently come together to create masterful sculptures adorned with water birds, small mammals, and other creatures. I don't know if the Pozycinski's have actively chosen a path to bring antithetic concepts together into their work [...]

artist spotlight: susan kinzig and caryn kinzig

When considering a perfect business partner, the term "in-law" might be one of the last phrases to enter into our heads. Indeed, the team of Susan Kinzig and Caryn Kinzig, sisters-in-law, is a special one. Caryn Kinzig, Susan Kinzig Beyond familial ties, the Kinzigs share a deep friendship that allows them to collaborate to create an absolutely stunning line of artistic lighting designs. Whether [...]