The Dazzling Forms of Polymer Clay Jewelry

Imagine a material that has the pliability of clay and the color range of paint. One that is readily accessible, requiring no specialized equipment to unleash its creative potential. That material is polymer clay—and jewelry artists are using it to craft pieces unlike anything else. Louise Fischer Cozzi infuses polymer clay with oil paint and colored graphite to create her Quad Crescent Necklace. [...]

expressions of love: 7 ways to tell your story with art

As Valentine's Day approaches, we have love on our minds—and here at Artful Home, nothing ignites our passions quite like art (though chocolate is a close second). Truffles by Infusion Chocolates are the best of both worlds: chocolate and art! As I peruse our collection of Valentine's Day gifts, I think about the many ways art can serve as an expression of [...]

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the art and craft of gourmet foods

We are excited to offer something new at Artful Home:  food! Why food? We think that small-batch food artisans are more than just chefs or bakers—they are culinary artists. Just like other artists, they pair a profound mastery of their craft with the inspiration and creativity to make something extraordinary for you to enjoy. Our Artisans' Gift Box - a grand survey [...]

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pumpkin wonderland

Crackle Pumpkins by Leonoff Art Glass Pumpkins are a perennial favorite for autumn decorations and Halloween festivities, gracing porch steps and centerpieces alike with their vibrant color and charming presence. Ripening Pumpkins, giclee print of an original watercolor painting by Steven Kozar Pumpkins—and their cousins, winter squash—are available in a cornucopia of shapes, colors, and sizes. Tiny jack-be-little [...]

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right piece, right size

You have a wall that needs "something." You know you want something special, something that illustrates your personality, something that uniquely represents your home, and, on a more practical side, something that fits the space well. Where do you even begin? There are so many beautiful pieces of artwork out there that it can be overwhelming if you simply dive in. These four tips [...]

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