pink is the color of hope

My wife, Linda, is a breast cancer survivor of 35 years. Her treatment did not involve radiation or chemotherapy, but we have other good friends who have survived breast cancer and have undergone the post-surgical therapies. Linda has been involved in activist groups to increase breast cancer awareness, and for several years she served as editor and proofreader for publications of the Breast Cancer [...]

attitude and gratitude

I chatted with jewelry artist Nancy Linkin as she sat among her blooming flowers. They feed her, she said. It seemed like the perfect place to sit as we were about to discuss a difficult subject: her experiences with breast cancer. At Artful Home, we've had the pleasure of working with Nancy and her beautiful, elegant jewelry for 15 years. She's been an amazing [...]

surviving together

Imagine your world being turned upside down with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Now imagine your partner being diagnosed with the same disease in the same week. That is what happened to furniture artist Blaise Gaston and his wife, Cali. Blaise and Cali Gaston The Virginia-based artist and his wife were both diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer in April, 2015—Blaise in [...]