making a collection: artful home 30th anniversary

To mark the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Artful Home, it seemed only natural that we would turn to our artists in order to produce and curate a collection that celebrates this milestone. In fact, we believe their vision, skill, and work, over these 30 years are worthy of celebration every day, and each work of art, each piece of fine craft and [...]

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cynthia ashby trunk show

Recently, on a beautiful summer evening in Chicago, we had the pleasure of dining with Cynthia Ashby and part of her team to talk about her Fall Trunk Show at Artful Home. Cynthia Ashby (left) and Barbara Cynthia has been in business for 23 years -- no small feat in the competitive, ever-changing world of apparel.  Her success is due to [...]

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30 years of celebrating and supporting art and fine craft in america

In 1985, our company was formed with one specific mission: to help artists and fine craftspeople across America to sell and show their work to a national audience. At a time when there were few venues in which artists could show their work outside of regional art shows, this concept was revolutionary. Originally started as a publisher producing Guild Sourcebooks, the company has evolved [...]

no place like home

The themes of house and home are captivating to artists, and in this Flash Gallery, eleven Artful Home artists explore ideas of dwellings and structures, as well as the emotions associated with home. From the dreamlike pastel suburbs of R. Michael Wommack to the illuminated porcelain factories of Jonathan White, to the archetypal symbolism of Cathy Broski and Julie Girardini, these American artists explore [...]

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studio sale favorites

Whenever Studio Sale comes around, we are always excited to see what incredible pieces our artists bring in. Sometimes they're experimental designs. Sometimes they're pieces created from limited materials. Sometimes they're work an artist has finally decided to part with and share with a collector. We never know what we might see, but we always know that there will be an amazing number of [...]

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