about time: the artistry of clocks

In today's world of cellphones and high-tech gadgets, we are inundated with ways to check the time. There are digital clocks on our microwaves and car dashboards, alarms on our smartphones, and sophisticated watches that sync with our computers. With all of this time-telling technology, who needs an old-fashioned clock with hands and a pendulum? Judging by the success of our clock artists, we'd [...]

the dazzling forms of polymer clay jewelry

Imagine a material that has the pliability of clay and the color range of paint. One that is readily accessible, requiring no specialized equipment to unleash its creative potential. That material is polymer clay—and jewelry artists are using it to craft pieces unlike anything else. Louise Fischer Cozzi infuses polymer clay with oil paint and colored graphite to create her Quad Crescent Necklace. [...]

studio visit: britt anderson

Jewelry artist Britt Anderson began his "nine-year odyssey" of artistic and technical training in the summer of 1982. During this time he mastered the process of anticlastic raising, a metalsmithing technique he uses to push the elastic properties of precious metals to their limits, transforming them from flat sheets into hollow, sculptural forms for the body. Jewelry artist Britt Anderson How did [...]

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