If you’re like me, you love the adventure that comes with travel. Maybe it’s a quick weekend away with old friends or perhaps it’s the globe trekking adventure of a lifetime — either way it’s important to be comfortable and have plenty of flexibility in your clothing while being able to stay true to your personal style. None of us want to have a completely separate wardrobe of frumpy yoga pants and strange colored pack-able jackets just so we can travel light and be comfortable. That’s why it’s so important to invest in stylish, comfortable, pack-able pieces that are versatile enough to go from sightseeing adventures during the day to great epicurean experiences in the evening and even keep you relaxed during those stressful moments at the airport.

Of vital importance to packing light is having pieces that are versatile. You’ll want to find pieces that work well in many different situations depending on how you style them. Skirted Leggings create that great layered look which can be worn so many different ways. Maybe your travels are taking you from someplace a little chilly (getting away from winter up north) to someplace warmer. At the start of your trip you might pair them with boots and an over-sized sweater — comfy, stylish, and warm. When you reach warmer climes, pairing the same Skirted Leggings with kicky sneakers and a tee shirt means being able to wear the same item multiple ways — which means needing to pack one less item and offering one more styling option away from home.

Lisa Bayne (CEO, Artful Home) wearing Skirted Leggings by F.H. Clothing Company

Lisa Bayne (CEO, Artful Home) wearing Skirted Leggings by F.H. Clothing Company

A great jacket is also vital when travelling. To quote Jennifer over on A Well Styled Life, “One day it’s warm and the next, cold.” Sometimes it’s hard to know what the weather is going to be like where you are headed. Even if the location is known for a certain climate, this year you might find something completely different when you get there. Always pack a jacket (sound like something Mom would say). F.H. Clothing Company’s (made in the U.S.A.) Sassy Cowl Jacket is a great option because it’s made from a ponte knit which means it’s going to hold its shape both after being cooped up in your bag for days if the weather has been warm or after days of wear if the weather has been cool. Hang dry cleaning and no cotton fibers means easy drying back at the hotel room if you get caught in a rainstorm.

Lisa Bayne (CEO, Artful Home) in the Sassy Cowl Jacket

Lisa Bayne (CEO, Artful Home) in the Sassy Cowl Jacket

Each of our ladies has made the Sassy Cowl Jacket her own by adding a bit of her own styling. Cindy’s scarf brings a little contrast to the look and is something that she probably has brought along to go with any number of outfits. She looks very après-ski, doesn’t she? Jennifer is cool, casual, and comfortable — ready to see the sites. And with boots and a cowl, Lisa’s ready modern look is ready for any art gallery.

Check out Sympli’s Drama Dress for versatility. Reversible, with or without leggings, and even with an overlay to change up the look and feel — packing a single dress offers at least four different looks.

Drama Dress by Sympli Drama Dress by Sympli Drama Dress by Sympli Drama Dress by Sympli
Drama Dress by Sympli

Barbara, our Director of Apparel Merchandising, quickly saw the great option available in having these pieces in her travel and every day wardrobe.

“I have the Drama Dress & Crop Smock by Sympli. I was drawn to the styles because matte jersey fabric travels well, is easy care, drapes nicely & feels dressier than a basic knit top or dress. I especially love the versatility of the Drama Dress – you can wear it as a v-neck or scoop neck with or without the Crop Smock. I’ve also worn the Drama Dress with a cropped leather jacket. I’ve worn the Crop Smock with the Drama Dress, but also with a crisp white shirt & jeans. It was a fun addition to a basic white shirt.”

None of us want to iron while on vacation and that’s why you need to know how fabrics are going to travel. Linens and cottons will wrinkle while packed away in your bags and sometimes that’s what you want. A top like Noblu’s Pucker Popover Top is 97% cotton and is perfectly pack-able because it’s designed to use the characteristics of cotton to add texture and interest to the top. Cotton, pack-able, and no need to iron along with the relaxed fit of this top make is a great piece for warmer climates.

Matte jersey is another great option. Often a blend of polyester and spandex, matte jersey has a soft hand and fluid drape which lends to smooth, wrinkle free tops and pants. In addition it can be hand washed and hung to dry — quickly refreshing an outfit directly from the hotel room. Instagrammer ArtfulCityStyle shows off the drape of matte jersey while wearing the Urban Shrug by Sympli. Believe it or not, Sympli also incorporated front pockets into this little shrug.

Artful City Style in the Urban Shrug by Sympli Artful City Style in the Urban Shrug by Sympli
Artful City Style in the Urban Shrug by Sympli

Tencel’s unique ability to resist creasing makes it a nice option if you’re looking for a slightly more structured piece in your travel wardrobe. Made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp, Tencel has a soft, fluid drape and is a durable fabric. All of which makes it an ideal fabric for Cynthia Ashby’s Tencel Duster. The Tencel Duster is a nice alternative to the Sassy Cowl Jacket because it can function as either part of your outfit for the day or a lighter weight jacket — two options from a single item.

Of course we want to be comfortable when we’re travelling. Being stuck at an airport because of a delayed flight — or worse being stuck on a plane that isn’t going anywhere — is never fun. There’s always the yoga pants route for comfort, but really, do we want to be out in public in our gym clothes? The Skirted Leggings are a phenomenal alternative to yoga pants. They are comfortable and easy to move in, and the addition of the skirt makes them more flattering. Another alternative is the Muse Travel Pant by Spirithouse. With “Travel” in its name, we can’t go wrong. A full elastic waistband means comfort and the full length means great coverage. Designer details like the bi-level hem and unique seaming details provide personality to keep your style game on-point at all times.

The Rapt Pant by Sympli brings even more style to your travels with the wear-ability of slip-on style. Made from breathable, wrinkle-free matte jersey fabric these pants will help to keep you cool as you catch your connecting flight.

For overall comfort, there is nothing like Planet’s Cocoon Dress. Also made in matte jersey, this dress offers unique style, a bit of drama, comfort, and coverage in all the right areas. The batwing sleeves give plenty of mobility and, combined with the drape of the matte jersey, make this piece super easy to wear. Add a pair of leggings for added comfort and coverage while on the go or wear by itself with some bright, statement jewelry for an evening out at your destination. Comfort, pack-ability, and versatility abound with this dress.

Those are my quick tips for travelling in comfort. Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear from you on how you stay stylish while travelling the world.