Autumn is represented by many different things: shorter days, cooler temperatures, knit sweaters and scarves, and warm comfort food. It seems, however, that there is a common thread to the season: pumpkin. From the incredible recent phenomena of pumpkin spice everything to time-honored traditions of jack o’lanterns and stories of headless horsemen and Great Pumpkins, these orange squash are found commonly in all things fall.

What is it about pumpkins that make them so enchanting? Perhaps we think back to Cinderella’s coach, or maybe it is simply the joy of searching and finding the perfect pumpkin. Imagine walking through crunching leaves and twisted vines to find row after row of stunning pumpkins in oranges and traditional fall hues, and then suddenly catching a glimpse of vivid pumpkins in purple, blue, or pink!

Fall tones make a wonderful addition to your Halloween or Thanksgiving decor, or display them year round as the pieces of art glass sculpture that they truly are.

It’s this thrill of discovery that we are so lucky to have here at Artful Home. Our glass artists give us the opportunity to explore a magical collection of art glass pumpkins. Each artist brings their own style and expression to their work, creating unique color combinations, shapes, and effects. And since each one is created by hand, no two are alike — just like their real-life inspirations. Whether displayed alone or in groupings, they make a stunning statement.

Smaller sizes make exquisite, tasteful gifts for holiday hosts. A gift of an art glass pumpkin each year to the host of your Thanksgiving get-togethers would make a spectacular expression of gratitude. Do you host your own holiday parties? Miniature glass pumpkins would also be delightful at each place setting on an autumn table, adding a handmade touch before the meal even begins.

Enjoy a few of the art glass pumpkins we feature, and visit our online Pumpkin Patch to see the entire collection.