At the heart of our clothing collections is the belief that there have to be designers out there who are creating styles for women marching to their own beat, clothing for women who care about style but are not driven by the whims of fashion. When we find a piece which hits the mark, it’s kind of like Cupid’s arrow striking.

Shortly after the debut of the Sunset Dress in the summer, we began receiving phone calls and emails from women telling us – unsolicited – how much they loved this dress, often with stories about the comments received while wearing it.

Based on this, we asked the designer, Mariam Heydari, to create a new version for Fall 2014. We sent the dress to several women we knew to see how they might wear it, if at all. It was fantastic to see their individuality shine through in the ways they styled themselves and the dress, in their vamping for the camera, and in the comments they had. See what Jean and Valerie, the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, had to say over on their blog.

Sunset Dress by HeydaribackSunset Dress by Heydari

Models have their place in the world of fashion, but we continue to believe that great style is an individual thing for women of all ages and shapes. Does the dress make the woman? No way. But give a great dress to some extraordinary women and it’s amazing to see the results.

(Full disclosure: I had to see what all the fuss was about and finally purchased the dress for myself. It turns out I’d be wearing it every day if I could…)

Lisa Bayne in Sunset Dress by Heydari