Nothing is more special during the holiday season than a house full of family and loved ones; having around you those people who mean the most to you and bring joy into your life. I look forward to this time of year and being able to entertain and welcome people into my home.

Each year I plan some special event to celebrate the season. Whether it’s a dinner for the whole family, a quaint brunch with friends, or a day of tree decorating with cocoa and snacks, it always starts with making sure my home is warm, friendly, and inviting for those who are visiting.

Objects made from wood and ceramics always help to create a warm, comfortable environment by their nature. They both seem to have rich tones which add that element of warmth to the table. And they seem to extend that warmth through touch. Whether it’s a serving dish or a beautiful mug, these materials enhance the good feelings of a gathering of friends. Add a dash of the glow of red and the spirit of hospitality shines bright through the holiday season.