In this time of gratitude, we find ourselves feeling so incredibly thankful for both our artists and our customers, without whom our business would not be possible. When we set out, we had a pretty simple goal. “Our mission is to bring ease and accessibility to the ownership and enjoyment of beautiful things, art to live with.”

Art is an expression of the soul that artists choose to share with the world — and we’re so grateful that they do. The artists we represent at Artful Home are wonderful individuals who put their work out there to be enjoyed by all, and who we are honored to associate with.

(Video of David Patchen courtesy of Olivari)

On the other side of the equation are our valued customers. You lovely people find connection with the work you purchase. And each piece you purchase supports the artist(s) who creates it — and fills the world with just a little more beauty.

Crackle Pumpkins by Nick Leonoff

Crackle Pumpkins by Nick Leonoff

We thank you, our artists and our customers, for supporting us and adding something rich and sweet to your lives, every day.

Redware Pie Pan by Nathan Falter