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A wine goblet with a handful of jelly beans for a stem. A martini glass graced by fluttering leaves. Swans and dragons, bees and honeycomb, potted topiaries, curling waves, murrini-covered spheres and perfect marbles…the myriad forms of artist-made goblets are endless. As artists have been submitting work for the first ever Artful Home Goblet Grab, we have been exclaiming with delight.Goblet Grab

Many of these one-of-a-kind and limited-edition goblets are functional martini, wine, and pilsner glasses that will glisten like ornaments on your dining table. Others are sculptures that borrow only the form of the goblet to make a statement for your collector’s cabinet. The goblets range from sophisticated to whimsical, from Venetian-influenced to Modern, from clear to full of kaleidoscopic color—and all are available only in extremely small quantities.

While preparing for the event, we were first amazed by the sculptural goblets. Standouts include the two Bee Goblets created collaboratively by Elodie Holmes and Charles Savoie. At just over 13” tall, each sculptural goblet features a stem of flameworked honeycomb, tiny sculpted bees, 24k gold leaf, and elegant six-sided flutes.

Goblet Grab

We also love Bandhu Scott Dunham’s Hurricane and Jelly Bean Goblets, which make us laugh at the artist’s unique vision and sense of humor. Perhaps you have a friend experiencing a bad week? This martini glass seeming to bend in a high wind with a lone figure grasping the stem might be the perfect pick-me-up gift.

Goblet Grab

James Byrnes’ floral goblets, with their twisting stems and delicate flower petals, astound us with their grace and detail. Paul Lockwood’s Venetian-style goblets with their ornate dragons, seahorses, and dolphins bring us back through history to the goblet-making of the Venetian tradition. And Ian Whitt’s wave goblets convince us that now is the time to lift a glass to a vacation by the ocean. These sculptural goblets can be collected for their artistic merit, their stretching of the rules of functional art, and their ability to enhance our world with the creative vision of an artist.

Goblet Grab

The functional pieces in this event include some of the most fabulous artist-made wine, martini, pilsner, and water glasses we have ever seen. Perhaps you need to find toasting glasses as unique as your friends who are getting married? Two of Robert Dane’s one-of-a-kind martini glasses seem absolutely perfect.

Goblet Grab

Or perhaps you need a grouping of elegant glasses for an upcoming party—what could be more fun than a set created by Michael Herman and Gina Lunn, available only in limited editions of 24? Or a mix-and-match grouping of pieces by several artists?

Goblet Grab

Whatever you are contemplating, you will need to move quickly. This online event is based on the real goblet grab events held at glass art openings and conferences, where the officiator counts to three and collectors run into the room to physically grab their favorite goblets. Just like at those events, there will be some urgency to get your desired pieces into your basket and checked out before someone else orders the very items you are coveting. Many of the works of art are one-of-a-kind, while others are in limited editions of 25 or fewer. It will be first-come, first-served—a virtual “Goblet Grab” event where you cannot see the other shoppers.

We hope you have fun exploring the amazing world of artist-made glassware, and that you are able to grab everything you desire before someone else grabs it first.



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