If it is possible to do, I’ve fallen in love with a fabric, a fabric so different from what I’ve normally been attracted to that I’m surprised, yet hooked. As a child of the 70’s, I’m surprised to see myself smitten with a synthetic fiber, and must admit that I was originally skeptical when introduced to it. Yet, I am currently contemplating giving away many of my clothes and basing a smaller, easier wardrobe around this incredibly versatile fabric. Let me introduce you.

‘Techno’ was first shown to me by Katrin Noon at Spirithouse a couple of years ago. A microfiber knit, this fabric reminded me of nothing I had known before. It seemed to be able to handle interesting cuts, both full and slim, had enough stretch to smooth out my bumpier parts, and looked as great in colors as in my staple of black. But I thought, “Me? In a fabric called ‘techno’?” Not so much.

Interested in trying out something which seemed to have some appeal to many customers, I bought a couple of Spirithouse pieces and brought them along on one of my many business trips. That’s when the love affair was consummated. My techno jacket got rolled, squished, worn, slept-in, and yet, performed all week long for me. I found I was pairing it with other techno pieces, with jeans, and over a knit dress, as its rounded shape fit my style preference and it just kept on looking great. In other words, it became that indispensable buddy while taking up almost no room in my luggage or handbag.

With that experience behind me, I was delighted to find more designers working with this fabric. Porto uses a version of the same fabric in styles which are cut more closely to the body than Spirithouse. Their designs make me feel a little sexy and a little arty, and very confident.

I put a new Porto dress to a test during a presentation in New York on what turned out to be a very hot day. Once again, I was amazed. Expecting to feel hot and icky in a synthetic fiber, I found that I felt comfortable as this ‘Jet Jersey’ actually breathed. I gave my presentation in the dress, then ended up packing boxes in it, lugging around luggage through muggy Brooklyn streets, and traveling 6 hours on a plane with the dress showing far less wear than I did!

Now I’m a convert. I really am thinking of converting much of my wardrobe to techno. At this stage in my life, great design and comfort are equally important. I think I have found my solution.