Husband and wife. Glass and bronze. Marine biology and technology. These are just a few of the intersections in the world of artists Georgia and Joseph Pozycinski; intersections that magnificently come together to create masterful sculptures adorned with water birds, small mammals, and other creatures. I don’t know if the Pozycinski’s have actively chosen a path to bring antithetic concepts together into their work but the means in which they do so brings such artistic balance to their work.

What we can obviously see is the intersections of the materials and themes within the works. What I appreciate most is the two ways the sculptures play with light – how light intersects with the work. The cast glass is translucent, allowing light to radiate through the piece and creating a glow that seem to emanate from deep within. Bringing forth the rich, saturated colors the pair uses in their glass. Rich cobalts. Incredible shades of aqua that make you feel like you are peering into the ocean. Chartreuse, purple, salmon, and gold all glow as light passes through them.

Other rays of light come in contact with the opaque, reflective bronze and echo back off small animals and branches. Schools of bronze fish reflect back the light. Giving off the impression they are swimming through that ocean of aquamarine cast glass.

The play of reflected and refracted light brings a feeling of motion and life to these objects. The ability of this intersection to bring something more to the work than just the sum of the individual paths seems to mirror the effect that all of the intersections coming together within their work – each intersection brings an element that enhances the pieces to a level that a single path alone could not bring to the work.

We are honored to able to work with artists of such caliber and humbled when they honor us with a piece to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

“We see the sandpipers as sentries watching over their enclosed treasure as they would watch over their own nest. Sandpipers have always been a special bird to us – delicate and so symbolic of the link between land and sea. In our work, we want to let the bronze animals we create ‘tell a story’ about the incredible and intelligent natural world we live in.

Artful Home has exposed our work to many collectors, decorators, and individuals not normally available to us. Working with Artful Home has allowed us to do fewer shows and spend more time in the studio.”

This piece is part of a series celebrating Artful Home’s 30th Anniversary. Read more HERE.