When we launched apparel at Artful Home, we had one clear idea:  to offer distinctive clothing by small-batch American designers whose artful style meshed with ours.  We suspected that there were women out there – women like me! –  who were interested in clothes that didn’t look like everything else out there, women who cared as much about style as comfort, women who were not driven by trend.

While we love the designers with whom we are working, we have been frustrated not to be able to find some pieces in the market which we would like to offer you and so, in the spirit of creativity of this brand, I began to develop a collection of our own styles, styles I am collaborating with designers on.  It is being called, simply, the Lisa Bayne collection.  We are introducing a small collection for Fall 2016 with the hope to grow this collection each season as we hear from you how you like the pieces.

I take this collection seriously; it has my name on it. That means that I am being ultra careful about the fabrics, the fit, the colors, and the details.  Great style and great comfort are equally important to me.  Having spent the first half of my career as a designer, it is fantastic to be returning to the design world with a lifetime of experience under my belt and the knowledge of what I know I am looking for in clothes at this stage in my life.  I believe that clothes have to feel great on our bodies and make us feel like a million bucks.


I hope you love these pieces and give them a try.  And I also hope you will tell me what else I can be doing to improve, what things you are looking for.