It is a fairly common practice in businesses to ask the CEO to put together a wishlist of favorite pieces for the holidays, with the expectation that they will write about what the marketing department wants them to write about (if, in fact, the CEO is doing the writing at all). When I was asked to do so, I decided to look for pieces that I really really really wanted, pieces I would love for someone to give me. While they may not represent the broadest assortment of the Artful Home collection, they all would be loved and worn or used immediately!

I keep noticing women wearing stacks and stacks of bracelets and I’ve been wanting to try this look. It seems like The Year of the Bracelet. I know I would want a few versions of these stacks and so my wishlist has two different ones.

With John Siever‘s long wrapping bracelet, “Rectangular Strips with Round Beads“, the look of multiple bracelets is there yet the silver art created by John is not lost in the mass. I love that he mixes his art with African beads, creating a look that is not instantly identifiable but is all clearly handcrafted.

Rectangular Stripes with Round Beads by John Siever


I also love the mix of Christine MacKellar‘s “Circle Line Bracelets“. They are elegant and simple, feel like air when worn, are incredibly clever to clasp, and I might just never take them off. And who doesn’t need a few diamonds for everyday?

gold_silver_bracelet_l (1)

Most of my wardrobe is black, grey, and white. It’s a simple way of dressing for someone who travels as much as I do. I’m always looking for accessories to take solid black to something more interesting, and this cozy, textured scarf by Jeung-Hwa Park is perfect for wintry days.


I love to entertain and almost everything I eat on or serve with is handmade. These days, I’ve got two sets of dishes, one wildly colorful and the other in shades of black, white, and brown. These “Nested Servers” by Nathan Falter would make a great addition. I’m imagining bright red pomegranates in the largest dish on my coffee table, a mélange of roasted root vegetables in the medium one, and pumpkin mousse in the smallest one. Yum.


Considering buying glasses is an interesting challenge when my husband is a glassblower and has filled the home with his work. However, these glasses rolled in gold leaf are begging to join the family. They are sophisticated and modern, with a stemless design that makes holding a holiday glass of wine an absolute pleasure.

glass_tumbler_l (1)

This outrageous box of chocolates is my final wish as a gift. I have given these chocolates several times to others and luckily, I’ve been able to taste them as a result. They are gorgeous. They are original flavors. And the quality of the chocolate is outstanding, which is a statement this avid chocoholic doesn’t make lightly. But I have never had a box to call my own, never indulged myself.


And a great gift is that, isn’t it? Something that you would like, wish for, never consider getting for yourself, something purchased with YOU in mind. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to tell anyone what I want as a gift, but a little hint every now and then can’t hurt! Happy Holidays!