Is there any fabric more perfect for warm weather than linen? It’s cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s flattering, and this season, we’re especially drawn to the way artists have transformed the textile into truly remarkable pieces with unique details and interesting silhouettes. So, to honor this spring-ready fabric, we’ve invited our brand ambassadors to share with us their favorite linen piece from our newest apparel collection. Today, Dayle of @artfulcitystyle extols the virtues of the Willow Jacket by Cynthia Ashby.


Sometimes, one is lucky enough to find a piece that is so versatile it can be the basis for several totally different looks. That is one of the many things I love about this Willow Jacket by Cynthia Ashby.

Three ways to wear the Willow Jacket.  Photo credit: @dentontaylor


Here I was able to create three distinct looks, and I like each of them for different reasons. Buttoned up, the Willow Jacket serves as a tunic with pants. When unbuttoned, it becomes a jacket that can be layered and worn open to give a peek at the ensemble underneath. And finally, it can be worn as a dress. So, if you are traveling with this piece, you have a lot of styling options.

I was first drawn to this piece because of its lines. I love the graceful way the hem dips on the sides, which not only adds some drama but is also very flattering to the body.

When it comes to color, I really debated which to choose because I found both choices—the amaranth and the terrain floral—interesting. I ultimately chose the latter because I loved that spark of teal, which opens up many intriguing possibilities for accessories.

@artfulcitystyle wearing the Willow Jacket in Terrain by Cynthia Ashby  Photo credit: @dentontaylor

And there’s more linen online! Visit our linen collection to see more pieces crafted from this spring-perfect fabric, and check back soon to read more from our brand ambassadors.