I love giving gifts, love everything about the process – thinking about individuals, hunting down great things that they most likely would not splurge on for themselves, wrapping them, and then, most of all, exchanging gifts.

I also really dislike top ten lists, listicles, all things which try to make us stop and take note on the Internet. Yet, when I started thinking about my favorite gifts this year, 10 actually came to mind!

  1. This French Bull Dog by Ronnie Gould has captured my heart. For a friend who lost her frenchie this year, I know that this incredibly lifelike and soulful piece would be just the ticket. Gould’s talent to capture so much in clay knocks me over.
  1. Most of my friends wear black and charcoal almost all the time, but one friend in particular loves to pop this monochromatic palette with color. For her, Kat Cole’s Oval Dip Earrings will be perfect. Now the challenge is: which color to choose?
  1. Another friend absolutely cannot wear drop earrings. Maia Leppo’s Medium Steel Circle Sheet Posts are great for her, acting as posts but having the height and movement of a drop earring. (I might even have to get a pair for myself…)
  1. The Alana Wrap by Elizabeth Rubidge has that wonderful combination of warmth, softness, bold pattern, and, yes, black. I know someone who is always cold and who has great style who I think will love this.
  1. Men. So hard to shop for, especially if you want to give them something they don’t realize they want. I think Margo Petitti has really figured it out with her scarves created from menswear suitings and shirtings. The patternwork is strong and masculine, subtle and bold at the same time. I know just the man!
  1. OK, this one’s for me. I got certified in SCUBA diving this year, so I would love to give myself the Marina ornament by Wendy Williams.
  1. For a friend who lives in Florida, I think the Song of the Sea ornament is just right. It is so evocative of the real thing, yet so full of artistry and grace.
  1. I find it hard to think about giving art for the wall unless I know the recipient incredibly well, know their style, and know if they have the space to hang anything. Patricia Barry Levy’s MoonPhases is available in a small size print so it is easy for me to imagine a friend’s ability to find the right spot to in which to hang it. And with a year of so many special moons, I really think this will resonate.
  1. I gave the Champagne Flutes by Dan Mirer to a couple who got engaged this year and they were thrilled, which leads me to believe that they will be a great holiday gift for another special couple I know.
  1. And finally, I really like to have some “just in case” presents around. I admit that I am sometimes caught off guard when invited into a friend’s home for the holidays, so having a few sets of Renato Foti’s Quadro Coasters on hand is a wonderful way to be prepared and give a gift of art, even if I don’t know the host so well.