To mark the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Artful Home, it seemed only natural that we would turn to our artists in order to produce and curate a collection that celebrates this milestone. In fact, we believe their vision, skill, and work, over these 30 years are worthy of celebration every day, and each work of art, each piece of fine craft and design found on the Artful Home site and in the pages of our catalog provides a powerful testimonial.

We approached a group of artists and asked them to ponder their history and relationship with Artful Home and to create a piece or pieces that would become the 30th Anniversary Collection. Some of the artists have had long-standing relationships with us that date to near the beginning, whereas others are relatively new to Artful Home. All are incredible collaborators in creativity and business that afford us the opportunity to present an amazing array of work via our online gallery and catalog pages.

shown l to r: Brian Kershisnik; Randi Solin and Marie Formichelli Walker

shown l to r: Brian Kershisnik; Randi Solin and Marie Formichelli Walker

It is exciting, and often moving, to watch the evolution of an artist’s work over time. When I saw Randi Solin at a show this Spring, life circumstances and art were evolving simultaneously to create a new theme in her work – ‘considering the space in between’. Whereas most of the work that I have known Randi to create up until this point employs glass-as-canvas for painterly blends of saturated color that is viewed through an encasement of clear glass which both amplifies and sharpens the viewer’s lens on her color work, her new direction examines the process and experience of looking through, using negative space, pausing. In Randi’s words, the space in between “could be between physical and spiritual places, between life events, between relationships…and the act of taking a calming breath.” Randi created “Thaw” with our anniversary and this perspective in mind.

It seemed only natural to feature a new print by Brian Kershisnik in our celebratory collection after 17 years of working together and the sell-through of many editions of his prints. “Gardening in the Rain II” is the reprisal of a theme that has been featured in Brian’s work before. Here is what Brian has to say about his work and the piece that we’re offering as a part of our exclusive 30th Anniversary Collection: “I continue to have difficulty with the question: ‘How do you describe your work?’ Can I answer that I paint hunches? This is to say, something occurs to me, and I try it out on paper or canvas until I understand how it matters to me. ‘Gardening in the Rain’ is an idea that I have sounded a few times and keep finding things in it to think about. I hope others feel the same.”

I approached Kerry Vesper about featuring a piece of his work in our Anniversary Collection. Kerry has been working with Artful Home for many years. His abstract creations in wood often reflect the flow and form of nature through the curving and folding layers of various woods. For our 30th, Kerry offers “Treble” – an intersection of art and his avocation as a jazz musician – something that Kerry and I have in common and have discussed on many occasions over the years. Life and art intersect and present opportunities to express that intersection with great skill in the material that Kerry uses with such facility.

Georgia and Joseph Pozycinski work in cast glass and bronze. They expertly work both of these media into enchanting pieces that lend a jewel-like appearance to their subjects: environments and creatures of the land and sea. We discussed several different ideas that they had for a 30th Anniversary piece before they landed on the Sandpiper Cabinet cast in a sumptuous Ming Green. Georgia meticulously works each stick into the configuration that becomes the cast bronze door of the cabinet. In their work, the stick imagery represents the intelligence and industrious nature of the bird world. The two sandpipers act as sentinels who watch over their bronze nest filled with eggs and the treasures that may be held within the cabinet. In their words: “Sandpipers have always been a special bird to us; delicate, and so symbolic of the link between land and sea. This piece represents our desire as artists, whether working in clay, bronze, and now glass, to let the bronze animals we create “tell a story” about the incredible and intelligent natural world we live in.”

I work with artists every day. They are marvelous. Their work represents the culling of perspective and idea, a reflection of thought and perception, a visual voice of our experiences – both common and uncommon.

I see the 30th Anniversary Collection as a visual celebration of art, relationships, artistic intention, and how we at Artful Home connect the larger world to the vision and ideas of so many artists. It is a slice of what we do every day to imbue the world around us with artistic perspective. Enjoy!

This piece is part of a series celebrating Artful Home’s 30th Anniversary. Read more HERE.