As we travel to seek out new artists and designers, at times we encounter work that strikes us as so compelling that we fall in love—and suspect that you, our customers, will fall in love, too. We remain committed to selling the work of North American designers and artists, though from time to time we will also introduce you to extraordinary work by artists from beyond our borders.

Maliparmi Virginia Leather Bags available at Artful Home

When we saw the Malìparmi collection, we were utterly entranced by its novel use of diverse textiles, intricate folk embellishments, and modern design vision. We decided to bring a sample to you in an online trunk show of select scarves, bags, and a unique coat. We hope you like what you see!

photo of Annalisa Paresi, Chairperson of Maliparmi

Annalisa Paresi
Chairperson of Maliparmi

Marol Paresi was a very creative Italian woman. An avid world traveler with a keen eye for uncommon textiles and skillfully crafted embellishments, she travelled all over Asia, Indonesia, and Africa collecting beautiful things and ideas that entranced her. In the 1970s, she established a small workshop in Italy to design and produce women’s accessories and found an eager clientele for her bejeweled handbags. With her daughter, Annalisa, she founded a company in 1977, and by 1980, they moved into footwear as well. Maliparmi, a combination of their names (“Ma” + “li“), was established as a business in Padua, Italy in the 1990s, with Marol and Annalisa as joint owners. Under their new identity, they moved beyond bags and footwear, soon creating a full line of women’s apparel with designs embodying an exuberant worldly vision. Annalisa Paresi is today the chairperson of the growing Italian apparel company.

Marol Paresi’s fascination with diverse textiles from Japan, India, Indonesia, and Africa, as well as her love of traditional folk and ethnic embellishments, are the continuing inspiration for Malìparmi’s fresh and innovative look. The design team’s creations are a synthesis—many things coming together in a new form—in the very best sense of the word.

Maliparmi’s seasonal collections combine a fresh worldly spirit, both cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with a reverence for traditional craft techniques—enlivened through innovative methods. Bold combinations of textiles and ornament reimagined in modern silhouettes and applications marry the artistry and crafts of the past to a forward-looking sensibility. The striking result: vibrantly colorful and innovative apparel collections. Maliparmi’s women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories convey an expansive and joyful look unlike any other.

Maliparmi is dedicated to revitalizing historic crafts—intricate textile weaving, diverse embroidery, beading, leatherwork, and more—through new production techniques and designs. Incorporating traditional ethnic embellishments into exciting forward-looking styles promotes fresh interest. Traditional crafts can grow and thrive through creative partnerships: diverse hand embroidery techniques unique to India garner interest and, consequently, a larger market for skilled artisans. Some Maliparmi pieces are produced in India, the only place where artisans skilled in many traditional embroidery techniques still live and work. Everybody benefits through these inspired artistic collaborations.

We are deeply impressed by Malìparmi‘s innovative, modern designs, its artisan collaborations, and its long-standing values. We hope you love these extraordinary pieces as much as we do!