Spring 2016 Trends: Diaphanous Layers

Although we would never classify our point of view as “trend-driven,” as we worked with designers to create our Spring 2016 Collection, we found that there were a few themes which repeated themselves. One that we are especially excited about is the use of diaphanous layers. This season, many designers are playing with sheer fabrics and layering to create breezy, flowing shapes and silhouettes. [...]

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In the Studio with Richard Judd

On a recent trip with the Artful Home staff, I was privileged to visit the studio of Richard Judd, a furniture designer inspired by Zen Buddhism. Richard Judd's Enso Mirror, Long Arc Shelf, and Spring Table on display in his gallery. Using innovative techniques and tools like vacuum pumps and heated blankets, Judd reveals his engineering background in everything he does [...]

for the love of prints, part 3

In my last two posts, I introduced you to the art of printmaking and discussed relief and intaglio print techniques in more detail. Now, I will introduce you to one-of-a-kind prints, the techniques of lithography and serigraphy, and the differences between traditional prints and giclée prints. Monotypes & Monoprints True or false: printmaking always involves creating reproducible images and identical prints. False! While most [...]

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for the love of prints, part 2

In my last post, I introduced you to the art of printmaking and discussed relief print techniques in more detail. Next, we'll explore another popular discipline: intaglio. While most relief prints are created by carving wood or linoleum blocks, intaglio prints are created primarily from metal plates (e.g. copper or zinc), though glass, plastic, and other materials can also be used. An [...]

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for the love of prints, part 1

Traditional printmaking is an incredibly diverse area of the fine arts—and one that does not always get the attention it deserves. Traditional prints have a unique beauty that sets them apart from drawings and paintings—the graphic shapes and colors of woodcuts, the intricate tonal variations of etchings. Well-known artists throughout history, including Rembrandt and Hiroshige, Cassatt and Picasso, have created prints in addition to [...]

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