When you’ve seen as much of the world as Brian Kershisnik has you don’t tend to put yourself into a box or limit your inspiration. Kershisnik started his life in the central United States and by the time he had graduated college he had also spent time in Angola, Thailand, Pakistan, and Denmark. Even after seeing so much of the world, Kershisnik was unsure of where he wanted his life to lead. Or perhaps it is because of seeing so many of the possibilities in the world.

He’s not an artist who limits himself to specific themes or ideas. Kershisnik states that he paints “hunches”. There is no fully formed idea when he starts the piece. Simply the hunch of an idea ready to be realized through the colors of the oils he uses. As he paints, these hunches sometimes become more solidified and he gains an understanding of where they came from and how they are to be realized through his art. Other times hunches are not something that he is fully able to grasp and they are abandoned for something else. Through the full process Kershisnik allows himself to be open to outside influences such as children, artistic greats, and cave paintings.

“Humor is healthy. God laughs. I believe that. To avoid a good, human, affectionate sense of humor in art that is depicting human beings is nonsense.”

His works have a certain amount of humor and playfulness in them. These are some of the qualities that draw people to his works. By looking at the work we often wonder where that original hunch came from. A woman watering plants while it rains? Four friends joyfully dancing on a small patch of grass floating through the sea?

Beyond the playfulness of his work, Kershisnik is also one of those artists whose work is incredibly distinct. Once you’ve seen several of his pieces you’ll immediately recognize others you come across. Part of it is the personality that comes through in his work. Part of it is the distinct style and lines he uses. But perhaps much of it is simply nothing more than a hunch.

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