My wife, Linda, is a breast cancer survivor of 35 years. Her treatment did not involve radiation or chemotherapy, but we have other good friends who have survived breast cancer and have undergone the post-surgical therapies. Linda has been involved in activist groups to increase breast cancer awareness, and for several years she served as editor and proofreader for publications of the Breast Cancer Fund in San Francisco. Linda is an avid nature lover and an amateur photographer (she is a professional writer and editor and for seven years taught copy editing online for U.C. Berkeley). She has enthusiastically accompanied me on all of our photo adventures, assisting with equipment and trip records. While pink is a feminine color, she says it is also the color of hope, and it occurs just as strongly and beautifully in the evening of life as in the morning of life. She is in her seventies now, looking forward enthusiastically to the pink (and all of the other colors) that accompany cancer survival. – Terry Thompson