Recently the editors of Denver Life magazine showcased decor pieces for those of us with cabin fever. I don’t think I would ever get cabin fever if I was surrounded each day by these stunning pieces.

Cabin Fever image

There are three wonderful artists featured here. Nanda Soderberg with his Wine Bottle Bowl with Gold Leaf, Dolan Geiman with his Great Plains Collection (White Stag), and Brian Fireman with his Swallowtail Chair in Walnut.

I can just imagine myself sitting in the Swallowtail Chair in my cabin with the White Stag watching over from his place on the wall. I think I could spend the entire winter season there. Of course I would add a few more pieces to complete the room.

One of the Brad Smith benches that bring some of the rustic outdoors into the room.

Something from Ben Gatski. I can’t decide if it would be one of his sweet wall pieces or one of his larger pieces of furniture. What do you think? (See the behind-the-scenes video the Gatskis made documenting the creation of their Prize Chicken piece HERE.)

Now it’s your turn. If you could design the perfect cabin space, what would you put in it?