When it comes to decorating, using metallic silver and gold is a fabulous way to add some glitz to your home. Touches of these rich colors can create an atmosphere of elegance and glamour. They are versatile enough to function as neutrals and can make colors pop, but are strong enough to stand alone and provide glitter and shimmer.

Golden Bronze Mosaic Mirror by Angie Heinrich

I think silver and gold are especially appropriate and beautiful in the winter — they can add a hint of sparkling snow to your interior spaces, whether the climate outside supports it or not.

Lighting in gold tones creates an atmosphere of warmth, giving a glowing appearance.

Alessandro by Susan Kinzig and Caryn Kinzig

Artwork with metallic paint creates a dazzling effect by catching the light and bouncing reflections from the wall.

Gold Mixed Large Grid by Jennifer Wagner

Using silver in a vase makes colorful flowers pop or looks chic standing alone.

Uruqin by Randi Solin

Uruqin by Randi Solin

Gold and silver dinnerware adds elegance to any dining experience.

Opal Goblets by Kenny Pieper

Opal Goblets by Kenny Pieper

How do you use gold and silver to decorate your home?