Although we would never classify our point of view as “trend-driven,” as we worked with designers to create our Spring 2016 Collection, we found that there were a few themes which repeated themselves. One that we are especially excited about is the use of diaphanous layers.

This season, many designers are playing with sheer fabrics and layering to create breezy, flowing shapes and silhouettes. While celebrities may enjoy baring it all, our take on sheer is not nearly so risqué, yet celebrates illusion. Here are several pieces from our Spring 2016 Collection that embody this trend beautifully.

Reverb Dress
This piece is a perfect example of throw-it-on-and-go style. The sheer fabric is light, inspiring a bit of hip-swinging while wearing. We pair it with a tank top and leggings or a slip dress so that we feel covered yet captivating.

Silk Bubble Gauze Swallowtail Top
This intriguing top is a wonderful use of sheer fabric and dynamic patternwork. Silk gauze is, as its name implies, gauzy, yet the slight crinkle in the fabric plays tricks with the actual sheerness.

Orbit Sweater
Knit in a cotton blend, this airy piece brings the sheer trend to a sweater. It is perfect for a warm day turned cooler, creating a solution to the oxymoron of a “summer sweater” to wear over a tank or cami.

Jode Dress
We love so many things about this dress: the crinkled mesh outer layer, the built-in crinkled tissue jersey inner layer, and the sleeves, which are sheer, yet cover our arms. It swings while you walk and feels great against the skin.

The bottom line is that sheer fabrics offer a light feeling, a little bit of sexiness, and a great weight for spring. We are thrilled to see this trend from so many designers this season.