Whenever Studio Sale comes around, we are always excited to see what incredible pieces our artists bring in. Sometimes they’re experimental designs. Sometimes they’re pieces created from limited materials. Sometimes they’re work an artist has finally decided to part with and share with a collector. We never know what we might see, but we always know that there will be an amazing number of truly extraordinary pieces.

So what do we, here at Artful Home, love the most from this Studio Sale? Art is as unique as the people who love it, and everyone has different tastes. Here are some of our staff favorites, and why we love them:

I love seeing Whitney’s line work in the form of flowers and the scratch lines she has created adding texture to this ceramic bottle form, and exposing underlying color. Overall, the colors and line work are subtle and beautiful, the form simple and elegant. Most of the work that we sell on our site is Whitney’s production work – what an amazing surprise to see her beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces as well! I may just have to buy this one…”

– Sally, Director of Merchandising for Decor

With skill and precision, this collaborative effort recreates, in stunning life-like detail, the form of this naturally artistic creature.  To me, this sculptural vase continues and elevates the earlier work of artistic biologists, such as Ernst Haeckel. It is a true expression of creative beauty, while retaining the perfect artistry found in nature.”

– Paul, Artist Services Coordinator

“I absolutely love Hale‘s use of color in her work, and this piece is no exception. The subtle, gentle colors of the flowers are soothing and calm, and the many layers of paint add interest and texture. The flowing forms of the blooms, paired with the straight lines in paint are an interesting juxtaposition. I would love this hung in a master bedroom — it would add to a feeling of serenity and sanctuary.”

– Casey, Web Content and Social Media Manager

One look at this piece was all it took to generate an association with Miss Havisham of Great Expectations, the decadent grandeur of her home, and evidence, here and there, of unfulfilled promise and former glory. The strong patterns in vibrant green and blue hues at the top of the work brings to mind lush carpets or mosaic inlays, while the brilliant skylight at its middle and large windows at its base suggest a majestic space. And yet, the soft, watery tones that appear to radiate outward hint at a romantic decline. This narrative, it seems to me, stands in stark contrast to the beauty of the piece itself, where the viewer can catch a glimpse of past and present, thanks to its symmetry, use of color, and technique.”

– Adrienne, Merchandising Assistant

Caroline Jasper‘s vibrant oil paintings employ exquisite use of light and shadow to evoke the beauty of everyday scenes. This painting is an excellent example of how she can use these techniques to create a striking composition from the most mundane of subjects. The saturated shadows here lend a delightful richness, and the varied contours provide ample engagement for the viewer.”

– Evan, Software Developer

“’The Eye Has It‘ by Joan Schulze is an intriguing exploration in fiber.  As my eye searches for order and meaning within the manipulated images, the order and rhythm of the piece itself provides the visual weight to keep my eye grounded.  Schulze manages to master quiltmaking techniques without technique being the primary message, creating a piece which invites contemplation and visual excitement.”

– Lisa, CEO