Gogo Borgerding combines her love of vibrant color with her passion for bold design to create sterling silver and anodized aluminum cuff bracelets that resemble 1950s picnicware. She took some time to tell us about the inspirations and processes behind her “Two-Tone Spear” and her other cuffs.

Please provide a few details about the inspiration and techniques used to produce the “Two-Tone Spear.”

The design of the cutout comes after filtering through hundreds of graphic patterns. A chosen design must possess a special quality which sets it apart, one which will make the entire cuff pop. The technique used to make the bracelets consists of layering colored anodized aluminum sheets underneath a sterling silver top layer. The graphic design is cut out of the silver using a delicate jeweler’s saw, and the individual layers are sandwiched together, pierced through using a drill, and attached with handmade silver rivets.

Small Two-Tone Spear Cuff - Gold & Lime by Gogo Borgerding

Small Two-Tone Spear Cuff – Gold & Lime by Gogo Borgerding

How did you get started as an artist?

I worked in a jewelry store for eight years. I started playing around with Shrinky Dink material making silly earrings for friends. I wanted to finish my college degree and decided to go to a specialized school to learn metalsmithing. I graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Metals and Jewelry Design in 2000.

Where do you get your best ideas?

In the oddest places. Concepts come into my mind while watching/listening to music in night clubs, watching actors perform in theatre, and seeing different individual styles while people watching. I get inspired watching other people express their own creativity.