Approaching glass like a painter approaches canvas, Randi Solin strives to capture the fluidity of its molten state in solid form. This technique can be seen in her “Aquos Rectangle” vase, a piece that celebrates the sea. We caught up with Randi to learn more details about the inspiration and creation of this stunning vase.

“The inspiration for the ‘Aquos Rectangle’ came from a request from the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta,” says Randi Solin. ”They were having a grand opening for the world’s largest aquarium, and the piece was designed for the event. The ‘Aquos Rectangle’ is hand-shaped, mold-blown glass off the pipe with a triptych coloration including gold and green aventurine and a multi-layer of sterling silver leaf and white cane. It has an angled cut and polished top. I designed the ‘Aquos Rectangle’ to use the juxtaposition of the hard, rigid corners of the form with the movement and fluid nature of the coloration.”

How did you get started as an artist?

My father gave me a camera when I was twelve and encouraged me to be creative. When I went to Alfred University, they nurtured the artist within.

Who or what has influenced your art the most?

I feel I am most influenced by Abstract Expressionist paintings.

What’s next in your work?

My goal is to keep pushing my innovative style further.

Randi Solin at work in her studio

Randi Solin at work in her studio