It is finally cooling off in California, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the change of seasons—and fall, in particular. Autumn always feels like a fresh start to me, with an opportunity to switch up my look and add rich colors and textures to my wardrobe.

I ordinarily choose black for my jackets because they seem the most versatile for my wardrobe, but this fall the Larkspur Travel Jacket from Spirithouse called out to me in a plum wine hue—and I’m so glad it did.

This modern jacket has an edgy feel that appeals to the feminine creative in me. Spirithouse is known for its unconventional twist on traditional designs, and this year they’ve outdone themselves with the Larkspur Travel Jacket. This architectural little beauty would be stunning in any color, including black, but the richness of the plum wine helps the details stand out dramatically.

The simple front has princess seaming, which creates a sleek, shaped silhouette. And the on-seam pockets make me happy because I am a woman who loves pockets!

The real magic of this jacket, though, happens in the back, which is appropriate because I like my clothes to make a great impression coming and going!

The back is smooth to the waist, then tucked and draped; it has asymmetrical panels on one side and fluttery panels on the other. The effect is softly romantic, whimsical, and just plain fun.

Plum wine is a versatile color that coordinates beautifully with all shades of gray, navy, pink, black, cream, teal, green…and on and on. This jacket could easily be dressed up, and it’s perfect for my casual lifestyle.

This Larkspur Travel Jacket is a natural fit for the Artful Home Travel Collection because it folds up to nothing and packs beautifully. This versatile jacket will effortlessly add polish to your look, no matter your lifestyle.

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