You’re in for a styling treat with the Milla Jacket.

You guys are in for a treat! And just in time. Isn’t everyone hitting that point in winter when you peer into your closet and nothing quite inspires you? My hand just went up—did yours? Creating new outfits is my joy and my profession, so when outfit blahs descend, I fear I may fall down in mismatched pajamas and never get up. Artful Home intervened when a box arrived at my doorstep with the Milla Jacket inside. The result? I’ve been on a styling high for a whole week creating new looks and even reconnecting with my sensual, sexy self.

There’s a word in the description in the Artful Home catalog about this Comfy USA jacket that I especially love. See if you can tell which one it is:

Dressed up or down, this versatile jacket projects an elegant air in crinkle crepe de chine—a sensuously textured fabric that packs beautifully.

No doubt it packs beautifully. You could wad it up in your hand, stuff it in your purse, pull it out, and wear it to the opera in Rome after a day of sightseeing in a sundress.

This Milla Jacket is travel-friendly.

It does have an elegant air and dresses up nicely, as you’ll see later in an outfit I made for my client. But it’s just as happy accompanying skinny jeans and tall boots for a birthday gathering with friends.

Who’s up for feeling sensual in their outfits?

But what about the word sensuously? I bolded it so you wouldn’t miss it. My aim is to keep this post G-rated, but I’m so close to telling you about the lusty feelings this jacket elicited in me in certain outfit combos. If you were inside my head you’d probably hear a racy thought or two. I haven’t considered how my hips move when I walk, but suddenly I noticed them swaying while wearing this jacket. It was like I was wearing high heels, but I wasn’t.

Is it body hugging? No, it’s a boxy silhouette. But there’s something about the way this fabric graces my body that just feels sexy and intimate!

Let me take you through the Milla Jacket outfits I came up with over these last few days.

The Milla Jacket gets creative in a client appointment

Adorning the Milla Jacket with a stack of pins.

Outfit 1: I listened to the Milla Jacket and it said, “Leather leggings.” I said, “Okay, we can wear leather leggings, but we’re going to work, not a nightclub, so let’s make this stylishly professional.”

Since the jacket is cropped, I went for a longer underpiece: my white-and-black-striped cotton T-shirt. This tee is a bit too casual for a work outfit. It’s so soft and cozy, it could second as a pajama top, so I decided to cover most of it—but I especially love how the stripes peek out. I could have used the jacket’s button closures but decided to create pretend closures with arty textured silver pins.

Three pins add a stylish element to the crinkle jacket.

A creative mix is perfect for my creative profession.

Then my wrists said, “We want adornment, too!” (Your clothes and accessories talk to you, too, right?)

On one arm, I wore my watch on the outside of my tee, and I layered artful silver bangles on the outside of my tee on the other wrist. I added silver rings (the Bumpy Belted Ring (on my left ring finger) got its own post  a few months back). Every body part was happy now.

Adorning wrists and fingers.

We had a successful shopping trip with our client Michael. He and the sales associates we worked with all complimented me on my outfit. I felt in charge, confident, creative, and delighted the whole day. Give me five, Milla Jacket.

Shine, luster, crinkle, and smooth are happy together.

The Milla Jacket goes for testing and a birthday party

Outfit 2: I always make a point of dressing well when I go to a doctor’s appointment, especially one that involves needles. Creating an upscale casual outfit was going to work well with the rest of my afternoon plans, too. Once I finished my much-anticipated allergy testing appointment, I was headed to my friend Nadine’s 65th-birthday lunch. Get this: it was my allergy technician Janara’s birthday, too! I wished her happy birthday, and then she starting cooing over my Milla Jacket. She stroked my sleeve. “Oh, I love the crinkles!” she said. When a colleague came in with my lab reports, Janara insisted she come in and check out my outfit.

Now bring on the birthday celebration!

I make lots of outfits for my clients who get together with their girlfriends for lunch, shopping, or book signings. It’s fun to get a little dressed up to meet with friends, isn’t it?

Happy birthday, dear Nadine!

So let me tell you how I styled this upscale girlfriend-gathering outfit. I started by layering my black mesh tee over my bra and then added a slinky spaghetti-strap tank to cover the torso. Once the jacket is on, the mesh sleeves peek out of the three-quarter sleeve on the Milla Jacket, and the sheer netting will hang well below the jacket. I love the proportion of the cropped jacket with a longer piece underneath it. Layered long necklaces make a great slimming focal point.

Layering pieces.

I added skinny jeans and tucked them into my tall boots. The way I feel inside this outfit is like my mature, sexy 40-year-old self who hasn’t been around in a while!

The Milla Jacket goes to a client closet appointment

Outfit 3: The third outing with the Milla Jacket was to a closet appointment in which Erin and I would be making outfits for our darling client Veronica. I’d already worn this jacket twice in one week, but that didn’t stop me from wearing it again. I wanted Veronica to see it; I had a hunch it would be perfect for her, too.

I basically copied my birthday party outfit, only I created a cuff in my jeans, wore waterproof suede ankle boots, added a crystal pendant to the necklace cluster to make that area brighter, and brought in a structured handbag.

A closet appointment outfit.

Vicarious outfit 3.5: We were halfway into our appointment when Veronica showed me a black V-neck sweater she’d purchased over the holidays. I couldn’t help myself. I took off my jacket and said, “Try this on.”

I immediately saw the “elegant air” of the Milla Jacket on her. I layered two different-sized strands of pearls at her neck and added diamond hoop earrings and a small, polished cross-body bag. On the bottom I put her in a dressy black pant and pretty flats. Voilà! She was ready for any San Francisco social event. (Both Veronica and I are wearing the XS. It does go up to 3X.)

Adding pearls and diamond hoops to Veronica’s outfit.

We ordered it immediately. She texted me later that night and said, “What an easy, unexpected, sophisticated piece to add to the mix.” Perfect words to add to the Milla Jacket description!

Just me and my Milla Jacket

Outfit 4: The Milla Jacket has been creative, sensual, and sexy; elegant on Veronica; and now it’s cozy and comfortable on a rainy writing day. What I hadn’t gotten around to telling you yet was how this jacket feels: nurturing and comforting when it’s closed and layered over a cashmere sweater. I use the button closures it comes with, and I feel safe and cocooned, which is exactly how I like to feel on a writing day. I need to shut everything else out and listen to my own thoughts.

The Milla Jacket is perfect on a writing day.

At four o’clock, my thoughts turn to chocolate. You, too? Doesn’t this chocolate bar make a lovely accessory for this week’s final outfit?

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the Milla Jacket travel through my activities this week—it’s certainly earned its position as a wardrobe essential. Can you see yourself in it?

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