I’m thrilled to introduce myself as a brand ambassador of Artful Home, which is passionate about bringing artist-made and artist-designed pieces into your wardrobe and home. I love that Artful Home carefully curates each of their collections to ensure that the pieces they offer are beautifully crafted with great creativity, skill, and attention to detail.

Photo by Daniel Nolan.

I’m particularly drawn to how Artful Home’s CEO, Lisa Bayne, describes the handiwork of artist-created pieces: “How is it that an artist’s hand is evident in what he or she makes? I don’t know, but that magic, that spark that emanates from an object clearly created by a living person has a quality and a story that enriches our lives in untold ways.”

For my first post, I chose diverse locations at City Park in Denver as the backdrop for three gorgeous pieces representative of Artful Home’s extensive selection, particularly their Art to Wear Collection.

Photo by Daniel Nolan.

The first style I’m sharing with you is one I simply adore: the Fray Patch A-Line Duster by Mieko Mintz. A piece with pizzazz, it has a fully reversible design precisely pieced from vintage silk and cotton sari fabrics. Both sides—the patched front, which you see above, and tonal reverse—offer two very unique personalities, but each features the intricate detailing of kantha embroidery and raw-edge seams.

Photos by Jenna Westbrook.

My next piece of wearable art is the Willow Vest by Michael Kane, which is crafted from a hand-dyed silk bubble gauze. The beautifully draped fabric has an intriguing surface design created with itajime shibori dyeing techniques, adding allure to the floaty silhouette.

Photo by Daniel Nolan.

The third and final piece I’m sharing from Artful Home is the Gilly Dress by Spirithouse. The vibrant colors of this polka-dot wonder turn heads in any setting, from day to evening. This striking dress, which has a high, angled waist seam that falls into draped sides and an asymmetrical hem, is an excellent expression of artistry at its best. And the knit is sublime!

Photo by Daniel Nolan.

All garments from Artful Home are worn with pieces from my own collections, purchased over the years at estate sales, vintage shops, consignment stores, or local boutiques. It gave me much pleasure to personalize these wonderful pieces with my own style and self-expression.

I’m thrilled to partner with Artful Home to share more of their incredible pieces; I am highly supportive of both artisans who create wearable art and of Artful Home for representing their work. Thank you, Artful Home, for this collaboration and for all that you do for both craftspeople and those who appreciate and support art.

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