The holidays: it’s a season of decking the halls and elegantly garnishing lavish meals. A time spent preparing for splendid celebrations with friends and loved ones—and adding those just-right finishing touches to your home. And when it comes to doing just that with your holiday look, consider adorning yourself in the inventive flair and remarkable craftsmanship of artist-made jewelry.

Our jewelry assortment boasts more than 6,000 pieces representing all manner of styles and personalities, from refined silver-and-gold earrings to striking and spirited polymer clay necklaces. To help you top off your outfit during this most wonderful time of the year, we’ve specially curated a handful of jewelry collections so you can more easily make your unique statement.

luster & allure: the black & gold collection

Clockwise from left: Spotted Ebony Lariat by Suzanne Linquist, Spring Hoops by Meghan Patrice Riley, Quilted Cuff by Tom McGurrin, Delta Cuff by Rachel Quinn, and Dahlia Bedrock Hoops by Jenny Reeves.

The high-contrast pieces in our Black and Gold Collection add a dash of drama to your ensemble with their pairing of incandescent gold and deep, dark finishes. It’s a coupling we find exceptionally versatile: we love how the Dahlia Bedrock Hoops by Jenny Reeves take an outfit to the next level with their appealing flourishes of 23k gold, while the Spotted Ebony Lariat by Suzanne Linquist adds a dash of artistry when layered over a sophisticated top.

artful marvels: the fine jewelry collection

Clockwise from left: Round Cage Necklace by Ashka Dymel, Carved Squired Tab Earrings by Heather Guidero, Bejeweled Hive Earrings by Shauna Burke, and Garnet Half-Circle Earrings by Michele LeVett

Each exquisitely detailed piece in our Fine Jewelry Collection is a true work of art. Whether made entirely from precious metals or embellished with the scintillating appeal of gemstones, these pieces take an elevated approach to adornment. Add Heather Guidero’s Carved Square Tab Earrings—which pair rough-faceted pyrites and oxidized sterling silver—for a simple yet elegant look. Equally refined but with a bit more flash, Ashka Dymel’s Round Cage Necklace houses rows of faceted garnets within oxidized sterling silver structures, creating a dynamic contrast of textures.

dramatic flair: the red, black & white collection

Clockwise from top left: Circle Earrings by Donna D’Aquino, Valerie Necklace by Klara Borbas, Festive Bangles by Louise Fischer Cozzi, Basket Hoops by Maria Eife, Carol Earrings by Klara Borbas, and Whisk Away Earrings by Laurette O’Neil

Red, black, and white—three bold hues that create a striking look on their own, but that are even more dramatic when joined in the expressive pieces in this collection. This color combination is a signature of Klara Borbas‘s versatile adornments, which evoke an air of modernity with graphic patterns in polymer clay. We’re also drawn to the architectural jewelry of Maria Eife, who puts an artful spin on classic styles by using 3-D printing techniques.

expressions of style: the statement necklace collection

Left to right: Sequencing Necklace by Lou Ann Townsend and Mary Filapek, Multi Dots Necklace by Arden Bardol, and Five-Branch Necklace by Nikki Nation

Necklaces are a great way to showcase your creative spirit, and the pieces in our Statement Necklace Collection come in all styles and personalities. Looking for something with a playful vibe? Don Arden Bardol’s effervescent Multi Dots Necklace for a hit of color and texture. If you seek something edgy, we love the kinetic structure and intriguing interplay of oxidized and bright finishes in Nikki Nation’s Five-Branch Necklace.

brilliant showstoppers: the bright silver collection

Clockwise from top left: Up/Down Earrings by Amerinda Alpern, Sterling Dot Necklace by Ken Loeber and Dona Look, Sieve Organic Element Necklace by Dahlia Kanner, Lunar Earrings by Rina S. Young, and Silver Annulus Earrings by Laurette O’Neil

Add a flash of elegance to your holiday look with the luminous adornments in our Bright Silver Collection. Whether fluid and polished, as in Rachel Quinn’s Ribbon Cuff, or with the textured and pierced profile of Dahlia Kanner’s Sieve Organic Element Necklace, these pieces highlight the simple sophistication of sterling silver.

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