Now that summer is in full swing, let’s take a look at some of the hottest things we’re seeing this season:

Summer’s Glow

Imagine a summer sunrise. There’s a haze — a glow — to it. The heat makes the light behave in entrancing ways. We are loving the warm radiance of these ceramic lamps by Muhammad Moussa and Lilach Lotan. They give off a serene elegance and provide a clean, tranquil aesthetic whether lit or not. Sunrise, sunset, or the illusion of fireflies in the evening — these lamps are the epitome of summer light.

Bright and Bold

Color is everywhere. Saturated, stunning hues echo the sun, flowers, and exuberance of summertime. Color just feels differently in summer — deeper, warmer, more vibrant. The sun seems brighter in summer, the sky bluer, the flowers bolder. Bringing those colors into your home is a way to instantly immerse yourself in summer.

Fabulous and Flowing

When the temperature goes up, you don’t need to sacrifice style to keep cool. Light, flowing fabrics and sleeveless designs are our choices for the summer season. The colors are fresh and soothing, and the designs are incredibly flattering. These pieces could be worn easily on the beach or out to dinner on the boardwalk. Bonus: these knit pieces are incredibly comfortable and easy-care — perfect for travel to all your summer destinations.

Ocean Breezes

Sun, sand, and water: the combination is an instant recipe for summer memories. Waves foaming against the shore, stunning sea life viewed through a snorkel mask, or even a gorgeous sunset over the water are all immortalized by artwork. We love these pieces that bring to mind surf, sunsets, and sea life.

Summer brings with it a state of mind. Bringing art inspired by summer into our homes can keep us in this magical season all year long.